Turning your development
into a destination.

Giant Wheels are gaining popularity as a valuable addition to mixed use and leisure developments. They create traffic and offer interesting return on investment potential. Integration is key to convincing investors and local authorities.

Product portfolio

Dutch Wheels is specialized in giant observation wheels for stand-alone attraction

Based on the specifics of the location and business opportunity, it will be possible to select a Dutch Wheel and configuration that can be the basis of a successful giant wheel operation. Our portfolio of wheels, with different dimensions and configurations:

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Our latest news

15 | 11 | 19

The first RS65

Our first RS65 will be located in Cancun (Mexico). The assembly of this impressive Observation Wheel has...

15 | 11 | 19

RS53 Dubai - second season operational

The Wheel of the World is a RS53 from Dutch Wheels located in the Family Entertainment park Global Village in...

15 | 11 | 19

Happy birthday SkyWheel Panama City Beach

SkyWheel Panama City Beach in Florida (USA) celebrated his first birthday last September. It is nice for us and...

Turning the wheel into a destination

Dutch Wheels giant wheels are found all over the world. Some locations have been used by travelling wheels that moved on elsewhere, some wheels have become a landmark for their location. Click on the region to go to an overview and check out photos in the galleries put together for each location.

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