Turning your project
into a destination.

Ferris Wheels are great assets to increase traffic and profit at your venue. Dutch Wheels offers a variety of different wheels to ensure a perfect fit for your venue. Give your mixed use and leisure projects a boost with the addition of one of our Ferris Wheels!

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Dutch Wheels is the global leader in the manufacturing and construction of Ferris Wheels.

Dutch Wheels specializes in Ferris Wheels. We offer a variety of sizes, gondolas and lighting packages to customize your wheel.
Dutch Wheels also offers a repair, maintenance and refurbishment service for all types of rides.

Learn more about our Ferris Wheels and our services below:

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Our latest news

20 | 02 | 24

The KC Wheel in Kansas City is in operation!

Dutch Wheels completed the erection and installation of the KC Wheel in September 2024, after which our client,...

01 | 07 | 22

Opening of the Wonder Wheel at Energylandia.

Last week, the construction of the Wonder Wheel at Energylandia was finished. This 53 meter Red-series is built...

14 | 04 | 22

Installation RS53 at Energylandia

The RS53 in Energylandia (in Zator Poland) is currently being installed. Yesterday an important phase was...

Turning the wheel into a destination

Dutch Wheels giant wheels are found all over the world. Some locations have been used by travelling wheels that moved on elsewhere, some wheels have become a landmark for their location. Click on the region to go to an overview and check out photos in the galleries put together for each location.

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