With the Red-series, Dutch Wheels is offering a solution for those locations where visitor potential is smaller or permits limit the years to operate

With the Red-series, Dutch Wheels is offering a wheel that incorporates the quality and safety standards, typical for all Dutch Wheels giant wheels.

It targets projects with a smaller budget or projects where due to permits, the operation time is limited to a couple of years. The Red-series is designed around a 8 person gondola similar in size as the gondolas used in the famous R-series wheels that are operational in many locations all over the world. It is available in a 65 meter, 53 meter and a 40 meter version with an option for more or less gondolas.

RS65 dimensions and configurations:


65 m.

213 ft.


33x19 m.

108x62 ft.

No. of gondolas



Passenger load



RS53 dimensions and configurations:


53 m.

174 ft.


35x18 m.

115x59 ft.

No. of gondolas


Passenger load


RS40 dimensions and configurations:


40 m.

131 ft.


30x16 m.

98x52 ft.

No. of gondolas



Passenger load



The Red-series is an assembled wheel, which means that its components are shipped in containers and the wheel can be assembled and disassembled, making it in our view a mobile wheel. With the design, we focused on cost of production, transport and assembly. No concessions were made with respect to quality and safety. Operating the wheel is simple as is maintenance, and it is capable to deal with extreme climate conditions. All Red-series wheels meet EN regulations and it seems unlikely that they will not meet local codes in other parts of the world.

The variations within the Red-series is limited to three sizes. The 53 meter seems a strange size in the Dutch Wheels portfolio but it is the result of our objective to limit the number of standard shipping containers needed. The 40 meter version is a good option if height is not critical when looking at  the surroundings of the wheel location. Compared to most wheels in the market inlcuding the famous R-series, we have reduced the number of gondolas as capacity is unlikely to be a critical issue considering we are targeting locations with limited visitor potential. The RS53 is available in a 30 a gondola version and the 40 meter version for now is available with 20 gondolas. Main difference with the White-series is that the Red-series is only available with a 8 person gondola as a result of which its appearance is more modest and straight forward also due to the smaller diameter columns and straight spokes.

Red-Series product details and features:


Smart wheel design

The Red-series is using a lot of design concepts from the White-series. As a result of our decision to not design for endless life, there are differences in the way some parts are put together. Especially with respect to the drive system and ride control we have worked closely with wheel operators to make sure our wheel does meet their specific operational requirements. One of the things that results from this is that the wheel is not sensitive for unbalance which means that with maximum unbalance, the wheel will not slip and the drives smoothly rotate the wheel, greatly adding to the safety of the wheel operation. Although not as advanced, the Red-series also incorporates a backup bearing that is used to evacuate the wheel in case of a main axle bearing problem.


The eight-person sit-down gondola is a smaller version of the ten-person sit-down gondola used in the White-series. It comfortably seats eight people yet allows optimization of the wheel for packaging, an important design starting point for the Red-series. 

Standard equiped with:

  • HVAC unit
  • Manual doors
  • Polycarbonate windows


  • Full multimedia package
  • Glass windows
  • Automatic doors

Wheel Lighting Packages

Wheel lighting is an important aspect for most wheel projects. Challenge when deciding about lighting is that local regulations should be taken into account, as well as other lighting in the surroundings of the wheel and obviously budget availability. Lighting packages are available as modules that can be integrated from the beginning or implemented once the wheel is operational. Lighting has grown to be an accepted tool to create an experience that will draw people to the wheel, but also increases the ride experience. Lighting can be integrated on the wheel or the wheel can be subject of light sources around the wheel. Adding lights on the wheel deck and around the wheel, will provide the opportunity to create light shows people will talk about. An optional high resolution video display on the center hub of the wheel can serve as a message board or used to display advertising for local sponsors.

Red-Series installed base:

The first two RS53 wheels started operations in 2018 and the first RS65 wheel is currently being assembled in Cancun (Mexico). Monitor the news page of our website or become friends with the Dutch Wheels Facebook page:

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