With the Red-series, Dutch Wheels is offering a solution for those locations where visitor potential is smaller or permits limit the years to operate

Our entry level Ferris Wheel - The Red-series.

With the Red-series we offer the same high quality and safety standards as the White-series but at a smaller budget. This makes the Red-series an ideal choice for smaller projects or destinations with a lower visitor potential. The Red-series in standard trim is fitted with 8 person gondolas that can be customized to your liking.

Sizes and number of gondolas

The Red-series is available in three sizes; 40 meters (130ft), 53 meters (173ft) and 65 meters (215ft) tall . The Red-series is aimed at smaller venues so the number of gondolas is reduced, which makes this a more cost effective wheel. All Red-series Ferris Wheels are fitted with 8 person gondolas.

Transport and installation

The Red-series is a fixed wheel. This means that all parts are shipped by container and installed on site. It is meant to be a permanent wheel so all parts are fixed in place. This ensures smooth operation and reliability for many years.


The main advantage that the Red-series has over the White-series is cost effectiveness. The Red-series is more affordable while still having the same quality and safety standards. This means that even with limited visitor numbers the wheel can be profitable.

Available Red-series Ferris Wheels:



The RS40 is our entry level Ferris Wheel. This wheel is a great option when height is not critical. This reduces cost while still offering a great view and experience. The RS40 is equipped with 20 gondolas.


The RS53 is our most popular Red-series wheel. This 53 meter tall wheel hits the sweet spot between our RS40 and RS65 in terms of height and cost.

The wheel is equipped with 30 gondolas.


The RS65 is the tallest Red-series Ferris Wheel. This is a great choice when height is a priority, while still being relatively cost effective. The RS65 is equipped with 36 gondolas.

Red-Series installed base:

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