Dutch Wheels

Driven by passion for engineering, design and safety.

Dutch Wheels

Global leader in Ferris Wheels

At Dutch Wheels our employees are all about creating the best Ferris Wheels on a global scale. Each day we use our expertise and experience to be the best in the business. Fueled by passion and drive we strive to be the best in terms of quality, experience, safety and design. This makes every Dutch Wheel a piece of craftsmanship.

At Dutch Wheels the customer is priority number one. We pride ourselves in the service and quality we offer our customers and we will continue to improve this every day. We are present in every step of the project to ensure a smooth progress of the project.

From fairground to stand-alone attraction 

Turning the wheel into a destination

Our History

The history of Dutch Wheels starts in 1926. In this year Vekoma started operations as a supplier of machines for agriculture. At this point the company was called Veld Koning Machinefabriek.

Later in the 50’s Vekoma started to produce steel beams for coal mining constructions. The focus shifted from agriculture to coal mining. The company also abbreviated Veld Koning Machinefabrik to Vekoma.

After the coal mines closed in the Netherlands, Vekoma shifted their focus to building constructions for the petrochemical industry. This gave Vekoma a lot of expertise in building steel constructions.

In the 70’s Vekoma was contracted by Arrow Dynamics to construct the steel supports for their roller coasters in Europe. The demand for roller coasters kept increasing which led to Vekoma being licenced by Arrow to construct their roller coasters in Europe.

1979 was the year that Vekoma became the company we recognize today. Vekoma entered the roller coaster market independently and started to construct roller coasters in Europe. This with their new name Vekoma Rides Manufacturing BV.

In the following years Vekoma built a number of Ferris Wheels around the globe. This led to the foundation of a separate division within Vekoma in 2008. This division was called Dutch Wheels, and so our company was born. Ten years later Dutch Wheels became a separate entity.

In case you are interested to discuss what a giant wheel can do for your project, city, or capital, do not hesitate to contact Dutch Wheels.


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