DW services

DW service is our ride maintenance, repairs and refurbishment service.

With DW service we will be providing spare parts, refurbishment, repairs and maintenance for all sorts of attractions. These can be thrill rides, dark rides, roller coasters and ferris wheels.

With DW service we will be providing:

Spare parts

We at Dutch Wheels can provide and deliver spare parts for not only our ferris wheels, but also for all other types of rides. The benefits of acquiring parts via Dutch Wheels are:

Top quality materials

Materials are manufactured beyond OEM quality guidelines and axis-built drawings. This ensures the quality, durability and longevity of these replacement parts.

Top end partners

Dutch Wheels only collaborates with the most renowned manufacturers of high-en quality brands in Europe. These manufacturers all meet the high quality and service standards that we at Dutch Wheels set.

Superior quality at fair prices

We offer our materials of superior quality at fair prices so anyone can enjoy Dutch Wheels quality standard service. The shipment of our materials and parts is also quick and hassle-free.


What parts do we supply?

Dutch Wheels offers a wide range of spare parts and materials for ferris wheels and other dark and thrill rides. Our collection of materials and parts include:

  • Mechanical parts       
    • Pins, axes, bushes, welded frames, brackets, etc.
  • Special parts
    • Tension cables, oils, linators, winch, drive wheels, etc.
  • Fasteners
    • Safety clips, bolts, nuts, washers, etc.
  • Light systems*
    • System control, lights, lightshow themes, etc.
  • Electrical parts
    • Motors, sensors, air-conditioning, encoders, buttons etc.
  • Special tools
    • Steel cables, slings, shackles, transport frames, etc.

*We offer customized lighting themes in addition to default lighting, for extra unique light shows.

Are the materials or parts you need not mentioned here? Chances are that we can still provide the necessary parts for your ride. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities at or fill in the Information request form.


Ready-made packages

Periodic maintenance is a key factor in keeping your ferris wheel and other rides operational. This often requires typical products specially made for that particular ride. Because of this, Dutch Wheels can provide specially assembled packages of spare parts for your particular ride. These maintenance packages will be provided every year to keep your ride in optimal condition, which leads to less downtime and a longer life cycle of your ride.

Curious about the options in these packages? Please contact us via or fill in the Information request form.


Assembly and service packages

In addition to individual spare parts and spare part packages, we also offer complete assemblies. Gondolas and drive units are an example of this. The benefits of this assembly service is saving time, work and costs. We prepare the assembly beforehand to enable direct installation in your ferris wheel or ride.

Dutch Wheels also offers guidance throughout the maintenance process of your ferris wheel or rides. We will be providing specific step by step guidance on how to maintain your rides for an optimal working ride. Please contact our service department for this customized service package at

Technical support

At Dutch Wheels our employees are highly experienced in the amusement industry. Most of our employees have earned their spot in the amusement industry as former employees of Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B.V. This means that all employees have extensive knowledge regarding all types of rides and attractions. We are pleased to assist you with any problem you may encounter, such as:

  • Repair activities on your rides and attractions
  • Assembly work on-site or in our assembly hall
  • Refurbishment and annual maintenance on-site or in our assembly hall
  • (Re-)Engineering to upgrade or modify your current design
  • Assistance to acquire your annual approval of the Inspection Body (e.g. TÜV)


Learn more about our technical support by contacting our service department at

Maintenance on-site

At Dutch Wheels we are able to facilitate the entire maintenance process of your ferris wheel from beginning to end. This ensures that the assemblies or the installation of spare parts occurs according to our guidelines and standards. We have several options on how often our engineers will visit, and what they will carry out. Contact our service department to discuss the options at:

Some examples are:

Periodic maintenance

A supervisor will be assigned to visit on-site to assist in the maintenance process. This supervisor will work with your engineers until the maintenance is completed. A T&C report describing our observations will be composed and signed.
As a result, your ferris wheel will operate smoothly during the new season while you are free of any concerns.
Moreover,this report aids in the process of approval by inspection bodies such as TÜV and Lloyd’s.

Maintenance contracts

One of our engineers will visit and inspect your attraction on a regular basis. Our technical engineer will visit before, and/or during the operational season to perform all necessary maintenance, checks and repairs. All observations will be documented and our technical engineer will give instructions accordingly.

Upgrades and modifications

Operating attractions evokes challenges. Attractions will experience age, wear and they will break down. You can trust Dutch Wheels to tackle these challenges, regardless of the origin of your attraction or the type of attraction. Whether it’s a Dutch Wheel or a different manufacturer or even a completely different attraction, Dutch Wheels can provide the necessary support.
Our engineering department consists of experienced and highly skilled engineers who have worked on attractions for years. Our engineers will go the extra mile to deal with any question or problem you encounter.

Some examples of activities we can do are:

  • Customized modifications
  • Custom performance upgrades
  • Re-engineering

Please contact us with your ideas, questions or challenges, even if it is not mentioned above. Together we can convert the challenge into a reality.


Would you like to upgrade your Wheel according to recent technical developments or requirements? At Dutch Wheels we are at your disposal to realize your wishes. Some examples are:

  • Upgrading to the latest control system
  • Overhauling the Ride Control container (both on-site or at our workshop)
  • Re-design from welded to machined parts

Why DW service

Dutch Wheels is all about quality, safety and long service life. Our highly trained and qualified staff has a lot of experience in the amusement industry, and has worked numerous times on a variety of different rides. With DW service any ride owner can enjoy these qualities for themselves, even though it isn’t a Dutch Wheel.

For more than Ferris Wheels

DW service is for more than only ferris wheels. Every ride, be it a dark ride, thrill ride or roller coaster, can be refurbished, repaired or maintained with DW service. Due to our history with Vekoma our staff has a lot of experience with a big variety of rides. These include:

  • Darkrides
  • Thrill rides
  • Drop towers
  • Ferris wheels
  • Roller coasters
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