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Based on the specifics of the location and business opportunity, it will be possible to select a Dutch Wheel and configuration that can be the basis of a successful giant wheel operation. Our portfolio of wheels, with different dimensions and configurations:

01 | 07 | 22

Opening of the Wonder Wheel at Energylandia.

Last week, the construction of the Wonder Wheel at Energylandia was finished. This 53 meter Red-series is built...

14 | 04 | 22

Installation RS53 at Energylandia

The RS53 in Energylandia (in Zator Poland) is currently being installed. Yesterday an important phase was...

15 | 11 | 19

The first RS65

Our first RS65 will be located in Cancun (Mexico). The assembly of this impressive Observation Wheel has...

15 | 11 | 19

RS53 Dubai - second season operational

The Wheel of the World is a RS53 from Dutch Wheels located in the Family Entertainment park Global Village in...

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