The key options and features are gondolas, lighting and interior!

Each Dutch Wheel can be customized to your needs to create a truly unique wheel and experience.


Gondola sizes

Dutch Wheels uses a range of gondolas for the different wheels. The gondolas have a capacity of either 8, 12 or 26 passengers.


Climate control

All gondolas can be equipped with HVAC climate control, giving the passengers a comfortable experience all year round.



To ensure the safety of the passengers, each gondola can be equipped with 2-way communication via microphone.


Full multimedia package

Each gondola can be equipped with a full multimedia package. Examples of multimedia devices that can be installed are displays, sound systems and touchscreens. The ride experience can be enhanced by using these multimedia devices to tell stories or to provide entertainment.

Automatic doors

The gondolas come standard equipped with manual doors. Dutch Wheels however also offers the option to install automatic doors for easy operation.

Seats & interior

The seats of the gondolas are completely customizable. Each gondola is standard equipped with a comfortable bench. This however can be customized to whatever is desired.  For example, the bench can be replaced by individual fully cushioned seats giving passengers a luxurious experience.

The rest of the interior can be customized as well. The gondolas can for example be filled with multimedia devices, giving the passengers a unique experience. These multimedia devices can be used for telling stories, sharing information and giving interactive experiences.

Gondolas can also be fitted with glass floors, giving riders an unrestricted view in every direction. This is very common in VIP gondolas we provide to our customers.
The gondolas can even be modeled into dinner areas, meeting rooms or other party spaces. A great example of this is the SkyWheel in Helsinki, in which a gondola is built to be a working sauna.

Wheel Lighting & displays

Adding lighting or displays to the Ferris Wheel can have a couple of advantages. That is why Dutch Wheels offers a number of lighting and display options for the Red and White-series.

Video Globe

Every Dutch Wheel can be equipped with a led display at the center of the wheel. This center hub display can then be used to display whatever you desire, giving the wheel a lot of options in terms of marketing and experience. Examples of this are using the display for advertising local sponsors, or using the display as a message board.

Spoke lighting

Dutch Wheels also offers the option to equip the spokes with led lights. These led lights can be programmed to display various colors and patterns, giving your wheel a unique and impressive look in the dark.

Led light net

The led light net is for those who want to go a step beyond the led spokes. The led light net is a metal net embedded with thousands of led lights. This net is suspended throughout the wheel. These lights can then be programmed to display different colors, patterns and even images and shapes. Visitors will be drawn to the wheel by seeing the impressive lights in the dark sky.

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