The White-series is beyond comparison with its predecessor and other giant wheels available in the market.

Our flagship model Ferris Wheel - The White-series

The White-series is our flagship model Ferris Wheel. Impressive by design and tall in size, the White-series is unlike any other wheel on the market.

The White-series is for the customer who wants to go big. This Ferris Wheel is focused on giving the most impressive experience. The wheel features bigger and more gondolas giving it a much higher capacity than the Red-series.

The White-series is also very impressive by design, making it easy to integrate it into all areas.


Sizes and gondolas

The White-series is available in a number of sizes with varying numbers of gondolas. These sizes include a 80 meter (263ft), 100 meter (330ft) and 135 meter (440ft) version.

Transport and installation

The White-series is a permanent or “fixed” Ferris Wheel like the Red-series. The wheel is shipped by containers with all its parts. The wheel can be disassembled and reassembled at a new site if necessary, but it is meant to be a permanent wheel.


The White-series are some of the most impressive wheels on the market. The major advantage that the White-series have is the increased capacity, more impressive design and the longevity.

The increased capacity comes from the increased number of gondolas and the capacity of these gondolas, which is ideal for venues with higher visitor numbers. 

White-series wheels are also more impressive wheels in terms of the design. The robust columns, wider base and vast number of spokes gives a lasting impression.

Available White-series Ferris Wheels:



The White-series starts with the WS80. This 80 meter (262ft)  tall Ferris Wheel is equipped with either 24 gondolas for 26 passengers, or 42 gondolas for 12 passengers.


Next up is the WS100. This is our 100 meter (330ft) tall Ferris Wheel. It is equipped either with 24 gondolas for 26 passengers, or 48 gondolas for 12 passengers


The WS135 is our tallest White-series wheel. This giant stands at an impressive 135 meters (443ft) tall, making it a sight to behold. Its vast size and impressive design gives passengers a lasting impression. Just like the WS100, the WS135 can equipped with either 24 gondolas for 26 passengers, or 48 gondolas for 12 passengers.

White-series installed base:

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