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Wonder Wheel

The Wonder Wheel at Energylandia, Zator.

The Wonder Wheel at Energylandia, Zator, opened to the public on the 28th of June 2022. 

The Wonder Wheel is one of the newest attractions at Energylandia. This ferris wheel was built by the theme park as part of the 2022 season. This 53 meter high ferris wheel is located in the Dragon’s Lair zone, overlooking the entire park. Guests can take a relaxing break and get a wonderful view in one of the 30 climate controlled gondolas. 

The Wonder Wheel is a 53 meter Red-series ferris wheel. A Red-series has numerous benefits at a fair price. One of the benefits is that the Red-series is cost-effective, while still being up par with all our quality and safety standards. 
Another benefit of the Red-series is the capacity. Even though the gondolas are smaller than those on the White-series, it still has a high throughput. The Wonder Wheel, for example has 30 gondolas that can hold up to 8 passengers each. This gives the Wonder Wheel a capacity of 240 passengers simultaneously.

Learn more about the Red-series in our product portfolio. 

Photogallery Wonder Wheel

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