Poland - Gdansk

Amber Sky

The Amber Sky Wheel in Gdanks, Poland

The Amber Sky Wheel in Gdanks, Poland started operations in June 2016. 

AmberSky is beautifully located in the old town center of Gdansk at the banks of the Motlawa river. It offers an amazing view of the old city center at a different vantage point. This gives guests the opportunity to explore and view the city from a different view. 

This ferris wheel at the heart of Gdansk is a great example of how a wheel can become its own destination. It is set up as a stand alone attraction where a lot of special events can and will be organized. This makes it a great destination for tourists and also for locals. 

The AmberSky is a 45 meter wheel with 36 gondolas. Each gondola can hold 6 to 8 passengers, giving it a great capacity. 

The photos in this gallery are made by Dutch Wheels.

Photogallery Amber Sky

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