Thailand - Bangkok

Asiatique Sky

The Asiatique Sky in Bankok, Thailand

The Asiatique Sky in Bankok, Thailand started operations December 15th 2012. 

The wheel is part of the leisure venue “Asiatique The Riverfront”. Asiatique The Riverfront is Bangkok’s first large-scale riverside project combining shopping, dining, sightseeing, activities and events under one roof. The strong cultural aspect is what sets it apart from other shopping malls. Embracing history, but avoiding the cultural clichés and traditional symbols, it strikes a balance between tradition and globalization. As a landmark attraction, The Asiatique Sky did contribute to the success of the project to become a popular tourist destination.

The Asiatique Sky is an original 53 meter R60SV carrying 42, 6-person gondolas. 


The photos in this gallery were made by Igor Prahin and Christopher Clancy.

Photogallery Asiatique Sky

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