Netherlands - Scheveningen

SkyView de Pier

SkyView de Pier in Scheveningen, the Netherlands 

SkyView de Pier in Scheveningen, the Netherlands started operations August 2016. 

In 2016 we got the honor to construct the only stand-alone ferris wheel in our own home country. In 2015 plans were made to turn the pier into an entertainment destination. It would have a number of attractions, retail stores and food and beverage options. One of these attractions would be the 45 meter ferris wheel on the pier. 
The pier turned into a great destination for tourists and locals. The attractions include a zipline, bungy jump tower and a soft play area. 
Visitors can also go shopping or take surfing lessons in the waters below, making it a great tourist hotspot.

Scheveningen is a popular destination with a history that goes back many years. It has developed into a “food-boulevard” offering streetfood, restaurants but also bars, terraces and popup stores.  

The ferris wheel also turned into one of the most recognizable landmarks on the boulevard. Pictures and videos of Scheveningen almost always include the ferris wheel. It has become part of the identity of Scheveningen, which shows how well a wheel can be integrated in the skyline. 

 Skyview de Pier is an original 45 meter high R50SP equipped with 36 6-person gondolas.


The photos in this gallery are taken by Dutch Wheels.

Photogallery SkyView de Pier

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