Vekoma Wheel-40

USA - Branson

Branson Ferris Wheel

The Branson Ferris Wheel in Missouri, USA

The Branson Ferris Wheel in Missouri, USA started operations in 2016. 

The Branson Ferris Wheel may be our most unique ferris wheel to date. The vintage look of the ferris wheel gives it a nostalgic feeling and lasting impression. It was built in 1995 on the iconic Navy Pier in Chicago. It is part of Dutch Wheels history as it was built by our then sister company Vekoma. 
In 2015 the ferris wheel was moved to its new location in Branson. Here it got the name Branson Ferris Wheel. The Centennial Wheel was built on the old location of this ferris wheel. 

The Branson Ferris Wheel has been operating since 1995, making it one of the oldest wheels built by us. This makes the wheel a prime example of how reliable our wheels are and how long it stays operational. 
The wheel features 40 semi-open gondolas, which give the wheel a vintage look that fits perfectly in the park.


Photogallery Branson Ferris Wheel

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