With its Blue-series of “constructed” wheels, Dutch Wheels has a product for those seeking to go big!

Constructed wheels are built on-site, not with the intention to dismantle any time soon.

The market for large wheels is more spectacular and world-wide, projects are initiated in exotic locations. Bringing these projects from idea to reality is not a simple task. Besides political challenges related to obtaining permits, there are hurdles to overcome trying to get the substantial financial means required to design and build such structures. This may sound complicated but the indisputable positive side of this type of projects is that the whole world will watch with great interest and anticipation. It will generate the attention for the city getting the wheel. The Las Vegas High Roller as the most recently opened project, and the New York wheel as the next one due to open, are good examples.

BS150 dimensions and configurations:


150 m.

492 ft.


43x83 m.

141x272 ft.

No. of gondolas



Passenger load



The Blue-series design allows for various sizes feasible up to 150m. The design has an impressive look, is compared with cable design wheels like the London eye and other large wheels, extremely stable and cost effective to manufacture.

The gondola as a key element in the concept, can be tailored to the specific needs for the project and be suspended or self-rotating.

Main challenge remains to identify a location that will generate the traffic, needed to justify the investment and turn the wheel project into a business success.

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