South Africa - Capetown

Cape Wheel

The Dutch Wheels R-series R50 was brought to Capetown to provide the visitors to the world cup football with an additional attraction. It also helped the V&A Waterfrond leisure development project to attract visitors to not only ride the wheel but also spend time in the many cafes, restaurants and shops.

After an initial extension of its anticipated stay of 6 months, the wheel finally left Capetown mid 2011 after 1 year of successful operation, to leave to its next and current location, Brighton, UK. The city, its local business and its residents got used to the wheel and it became part of Capetown and the V&A Waterfront. For this reason another wheel, type R40, was brought to Capetown later in 2011 where it currently enjoys the interest of many visitors to Capetown.

The bulk of the photos in this gallery were made by a local Capetown photographer, Morne van Zyl (www.mornevanzyl.com). The remaining photos were made by Dutch Wheels.

Photogallery Cape Wheel

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