Get inspired!

Our mission is to create awareness with local entrepreneurs, real estate project developers, urban designers and local (tourism) authorities, of the enormous potential a giant wheel has to offer. The potential to attract tourists, the potential to generate an impressive return on investment, or the potential to offer people of all ages and backgrounds an experience they are unlikely to forget.

What should you think about…

Souvenir shop, offices, ticket booth, photoshoot, VIP area, canteen, etc.


Theming the wheel deck or anchoring the wheel in its environment is a challenge that would fit best with specialists like architects.

Although the wheel is the centrepiece landmark of the area, it is good to think about a wheel in a broader context especially when looking at a giant wheel being in its location for multiple years and not as a seasonal or event driven attraction that is visiting for just a couple of weeks.


A perfect spot for a wheel is being part of a bigger leisure development that offer a wider range of entertainment with restaurants, shops, theatres, parks, beaches, etc. etc.. For example:


The interior can be simple, but it can also be themed and equipped with multimedia features to enhance the ride experience. Especially the large White-Series gondola is a significant improvement in respect of comfort but also the view thanks to the large windows.

Souvenirs and entertainment

Buying souvenirs in the merchandising store after the ride is another way to pass time. Having a drink or a snack beneath the wheel, in an ambiance that fits with the theme, would be another way to extent the wheel experience.

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